Eggsellent Breakfasts

for The BIG Eggsellent Breakfast in September! 

Join us for a BIG breakfast on Sunday 16th September at the West Cork Hotel.

Talks, Demo’s, meet our star: Helen the Hen, share a breakfast with us, take home a goodie bag and be in with a chance to WIN with our Eggsellent Hamper giveaway prize draw! CLICK FOR INFO! is teaming up with West Cork Eggs, Alison Health and Taste Cork to deliver a new initiative to get people ditching the sugary breakfasts cereals in favour of Eggsellent Breakfasts in a bid to tackle child obesity.


We have been inspired by Food Revolution in the UK to address the growing problem of Child Obesity in young people.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Everyone can learn from this initiative, young or old.  The fact is that we are all getting fatter, and one of the major causes of this: SUGAR! 

Check out our YouTube Video thanks to Taste Cork

Setting your day up with a proper breakfast that is balanced, healthy but still delicious is one eggsellent way to start tackling obesity.  How?  Children whose breakfast is mainly sugary cereals (this would also include granola and other boxed cereals), or sweet spreads such as jam or milk chocolate spreads, do not provide enough good stuff to wake up your body and brain and keep it going all the way until lunchtime without reaching for snacks to keep your energy up. 

By making one simple change to how we treat the most important meal of the day, such as choosing eggs for breakfast, we can make a huge difference! Not only do eggs provide huge amounts of important vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as protein which can help keep you feeling fuller for longer as well as keeping our brains and bodies alert – important for children who are expected to keep up with the demands of study and sport as part of a normal school day., West Cork Eggs and Alison Kingston Health Coach with Rebecca O’Keeffe of Taste Cork at the Cork Summer Show

The #EggsellentBreakfasts Initiative, in conjunction with Taste Cork, aims to get the message of the importance of a healthy, balanced breakfast that is free from sugar to as many children and parents as possible. We have decided to focus on Eggs as our ideal breakfast because they are awesome little bundles of goodness; are quick to cook, versatile and an inexpensive and accessible food. 

Jamie Oliver, founder of Food Revolution says: “We live in a crazy world where 41 million children under the age of five are overweight or obese, while 159 million don’t have enough good food to eat.” You can see that the situation is critical and we should all be doing something to tackling it – RIGHT NOW! partnered with West Cork Eggs and Alison Health to this initiative, and we started by working with Glandore National School to be the first school to benefit from this wonderful food initiative to deliver our simple but key message about why a balanced and nutritious breakfast is such an important way to start the day.

We can cater for groups children of all ages, including a tailored version for pre-school children. It is also suitable for youth groups, sports clubs and community centres. Our maximum group size is 40, but we have run multiple groups on a single day with our single biggest school group so far being 160.

Our presentation takes no more than 45 minutes with a couple of fun and interactive talks by Caroline Murphy of West Cork Eggs and Alison Kingston of Alison Health followed by a cookery demo by Kate Ryan of and tasting of one of our tasty and delicious breakfast recipes using Caroline’s wonderful eggs.  We may even bring a chicken or two from Caroline’s farm for the children to really get a sense of where food comes from! Parents are also welcome and we would encourage it.

Each child will be provided with a goodie bag containing a box of eggs from Caroline’s farm, our fabulous Eggsellent Breakfasts booklets featuring five easy and tasty recipes using eggs for breakfast plus a few other goodies. 

The Eggsellent Breakfasts Initiative covers four main topics:

  1. Introduction to Eggsellent Breakfasts Initiative (Kate Ryan)
  2. The nutritional benefit and need for healthy breakfast alternatives to sugary cereals and spreads (Alison Kingston)
  3. Eggs for an easy, nutritious breakfast: farm talk, where eggs come from, why free range is best (Caroline Murphy)
  4. Cooking Eggs is Easy!  Cookery demo of one of our five specially designed breakfast recipes and a tasting for the children (Kate Ryan)

We encourage Questions from the children, teachers and parents – who are more than welcome to attend. 

For further information, please contact Kate on 086 205 9360 or

If you are interested in us bringing Eggsellent Breakfasts to your school, youth group or community group, we’d love to hear from you. It costs just €5 per person and includes everything on the day including a goodie bag for each child.

Get involved! Take photo’s of your eggs for breakfast and tag it #EggsellentBreakfasts 

Skip to 9.56 in to watch Kate Ryan interviewed by CorkLive.TV at the 2017 Cork Summer Show!

Special THANK YOU to Taste Cork for their support of the Eggsellent Breakfasts Initiative! 


About Kate, Caroline and Alison 

KATE RYAN                   

I am a food writer, blogger and founder of a website that is dedicated to promoting West Cork Food through writing, events and tours. I write for The Opinion Magazine, The Southern Star and Evening Echo newspapers and, voted the worlds’ best digital food magazine in 2016. My blog is recipe driven showcasing the best of West Cork produce and encouraging everyday cooking with it at home. In 2017, my book “Artisan Food Guide – a definitive guide to the best artisan food producers, farmers’ markets and speciality food shops from Bandon to Beara” was published,

CAROLINE MURPHY         West Cork Eggs

Our family farm is based near Rosscarbery, West Cork where we have 3,000 happy free range hens. We believe in giving our hens good food, freedom and fun and in return they give us delicious eggs which can be used in so many different ways. We supply our lovely free range eggs to 18 Supervalu stores, independent shops, restaurants and hotels across County Cork.

ALISON KINGSTON           Health Coach & Eating Psychologist

I am health coach using nutritional therapy combined with eating psychology. I believe our eating habits are a doorway into all aspects of our lives, and how stress can impact how and what we eat. I support people to understand what works best for them, simplifying information and applying it to the person’s individual needs.


Ballymoney National School “Thank you so much for coming to our school and teaching us about the importance of eggs. We thought it was EGGSELLENT! The blueberry pancakes were delicious, we are looking forward to trying out the recipes for breakfast at home!”

Timoleague National School  “ has teamed up with West Cork Eggs and Alison Kingston for an initiative to help children to choose an healthy alternative to sugary breakfasts with Eggs for Breakfasts with their Eggsellent Breakfasts initiative. Inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day and supported by Taste Cork, they gave 5th & 6th class pupils a presentation complete with a cookery demo today. They even had a hen from their West Cork farm. The pupils received a goodie bag too.” View photo album of our visit on the school’s Facebook page. 

Mags Fitzgerland, Kilcoe National School “We are this year hoping to be once again recognised as a Health Promoting School with the HSE. Our children really enjoyed your “Eggsellent” presentation and found it very informative. We uploaded photographs of the event on our Facebook page for our parents to see. We will also be posting the event on our list of health promoting activities undertaken this year in our school, in the journal to be submitted at the end of the school year to the HSE. Thank you for your help and hope to see you again in the future.”

Norma Whelton, Principal, Glandore National School “Thank you so much for your talk (and pancakes!!) on Wednesday last. The kids absolutely loved every minute of it! They were so excited and many of them had pancakes for breakfast since. The parental feedback was amazing. The message you are sending out is fantastic and needs to get out there BIG TIME. Well done to you, Alison and Caroline. Keep up the great work!” 

Georgina Hazel, Lisheen National School Thank you very much for the presentation.  We, as a staff, were very impressed. It was great to have such a visual and interactive lesson, especially the pancakes and the hen! The brief healthy eating talk by Alison was very informative and child friendly.  The children were delighted with the whole thing and the pancakes went down a treat!  They are definitely more aware of the nourishment that eggs provide since the session.  I’ve heard many talking about eating eggs at home.”