In the Press!

In the Press!

As well as writing in my blog, you will also find me popping up in the press!  This page is to catalogue my published articles and any other related press.foodwriting

If you like what I do and my style of writing and think I might be a good fit for your publication, please get in contact!

Radio Broadcast Archive for Flavour Files on Clonline Radio

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18th January 2017, Evening Echo, WOW Supplement

Be brave – take the plunge…just like me


January 2017, The Opinion

Elephants and Ants


23rd December 2016, Evening Echo

What Kind of Foodie Are You?


December 2016, The Opinion Christmas Annual

Have Yourself a Very Cheffy Christmas!


December 2016, The Opinion

Permission to Wear Stretchy Pants this Christmas!


December 2016, The Southern Star

Alternative Christmas Recipes


December 2016, The Southern Star, Christmas Magazines

Alternative Christmas Starter & Christmas Cocktails

alternative-christmas-starter christmas-cocktails

30th November 2016, Evening Echo, WOW Supplement

Festive Finger Food Delights


30th November 2016, Evening Echo, WOW Supplement

Toast to a Stress Free Christmas


1st November 2016,

North County San Diego Food and Drink Guide


November 2016, The Opinion

Eats Roots and Leaves


5th November 2016, The Menu – Irish Examiner

The Menu features our Japanese Cookery Demo & Sake Demonstration with Fiona Uyema and Joe Moore


28th October 2016, Huffington Post

The Clonakilty Walking Food Tour is featured as part of Sharon Hoge King’s article on her time at the 2016 Taste of West Fork Food Festival.


15th October 2016, The Menu – Irish Examiner

The Menu lists the “Pop Up @ The Pub” event with The Sharp Knife and Curious Wines as one of his top Wining and Dining choices in this weeks’ edition!


October 2016, The Opinion

Soup: The Ultimate Bowl Food


Autumn/Winter 2016, West Fork

Love Letter to Comfort Food

love-letter-to-comfort-food-pg-1 a-love-letter-to-comfort-food-pg-2

The Reluctant Vegan

the-reluctant-vegan-pg-1 the-reluctant-vegan-pg-2

Charity Begins in the Hen House

charity-begins-in-the-hen-house-pg-1 charity-begins-in-the-hen-house-pg-2

Food Blogging: The Case For & Against

food-blogging-the-case-for-and-against-pg-1 food-blogging-the-case-for-and-against-pg-2

September 2016, The Opinion

Food on the Brain


10th September 2016 – The Southern Star

Article written by Brian Moore on the Pitmaster Masterclass with John Relihan and Decky Walsh of Holy Smoke


2nd September 2016 –

Top Picks for a Taste of West Cork Food Festival 2016


26th August 2016, Evening Echo

The Real Magic Ingredient Is…


13th August 2016 – The Menu – Irish Examiner Weekend Magazine

Featuring the Pitmaster Masterclass with John Relihan of Holy Smoke


August 2016 –

Skibbereen Food and Drink Travel Guide

Skibbereen Food and Drink Guide Logo

July & August 2016 – The Opinion

Two-Part feature on Summer BBQing

July - Part 1
July – Part 1
August - Part2 (page 1)
August – Part2 (page 1)
August - Part 2 (page 2)
August – Part 2 (page 2)

July 2016 –

Kinsale Food and Drink Travel Guide

Kinsale Food and Drink Guide Logo

14th July 2016 – West Fork, Summer 2016

It’s a Fishy Business – behind the scenes of a fish processing factory

FishyBusiness_Pg1 FishBusiness_pg2

14th July 2016 – West Fork, Summer 2016

You Can’t Eat the Scenery!


14th July 2016 – West Fork, Summer 2016

“A West Cork centre of food excellence – that’s what we’re aiming for!”

Brookpark_pg1 Brookpark_pg2

14th July 2016 – West Fork, Summer 2016

“Mella’s Got the Fudge Factor”

FudgeFactor_pg1 FudgeFactor_pg2

1st July 2016 – Evening Echo

Feature by Louise Roseingrave “Kate’s mission to put the fun factor into food”

01 July 2016 Feature

25th June 2016 – The Irish Times

Mine for dinner and bring your purse, by Tanya Sweeney on the rise of Supper Clubs (featuring the Supper Club)


11th June 2016 – The Menu – Irish Examiner

Joe McNamee gives a most welcome mention to the Clonakilty Walking Food Tour as an ideal Fathers’ Day present!


1st June 2016 –

Clonakilty Food and Drink Travel Guide : From Brewery Town to Foodie Town

Clonakilty Food and Drink Guide Logo

30th May 2016 – The Southern Star

Opinion regarding new English Market-style food emporium in Clonakilty

26th May 2016 – The Opinion

“Butter Me Up”

Butter Me Up - The Opinion June 2016 Edition
Butter Me Up – The Opinion June 2016 Edition

21st May 2016 – The Irish Examiner

Mention by Joe MacNamee for The Menu of our Craft Beer Event as part of the Summer Showcase with Caroline Hennessy of 8 Degrees Brewing.

28th April 2016 – The Opinion

“That’s a Wrap”

That's A Wrap Published

28th April 2016 – The Southern Star (House & Garden Supplement)

“Practical Kitchen Perfection”

Practical Kitchen Perfecction Published

28th April 2016 – The Southern Star

“Beer trio taps into towns brewing past”

Beer Published

21st April 2016 – The Southern Star

“Jacqueline is making a dog’s dinner of business”

Dog Dinner Published

March 2016 – The Opinion

Special Multi-Page Feature on the Importance of the Agri-Food Sector in West Cork (writer, sub-editor)


IMG_8327  IMG_8329

IMG_8331  IMG_8333

IMG_8335  IMG_8337

IMG_8339  IMG_8341


Saturday 19th March 2016 – The Southern Star

“MasterChef’s Munier joins a happy pair of Foodies in Clon”


March 2016 – The Opinion

“Of Mothering Buns”



“Alternative Easter Feast”



February 2016 – The Opinion

“Frisky Food for Valentines Day”


February 2016 – The Southern Star & West Cork People

“Singles Night for Food Lovers in Clon”

starsingles   WCPsingles

9th January 2016 – The Southern Star

“When Small Gets Big: Artisan Food Firms that get the Balance Right”


January 2015 – The Opinion

“31 Ways to Improve Your Diet Without Going on a Diet”


December 2015 – The Opinion Christmas Annual 2015

“Crafting My Christmas Traditions”


December 2015 – The Southern Star “West Cork Christmas” 5-Part Series

“Christmas Cocktails”


“Christmas Soups”


“Festive Treats”


“Lovely Leftovers”


“Seasonal Snacks”


November 2015 – West Fork, Winter 2015 Edition

“Anything But Turkey”


“Keeping the Sniffles at Bay…From the Inside Out”


November 2015 – The Opinion

“Be Game About Your Food”


“Ghoulish Treats for Hallowe’en”


October 2015 – The Opinion

“Success Distilled”


September 2015 – The Opinion

“Autumn Kitchen Rituals”

The Opinion_Sept15

August 2015 – The Southern Star

“A Strong West Cork Flavour to the Picnic”

Southern Star_Aug15_EP

August 2015 – The Opinion

“Turn Up the Heat this Summer and be a Chili Champion!”


9th August 2015 – The Food Hour with Bia Sasta on Cork City Community Radio

The Food Hour weblink

July 2015 – West Fork, Summer 2015 Edition

“Blazing a Food Trail Around West Cork” by Siobhan Cronin


July 2015 – West Fork, Summer 2015 Edition

“Where Blossoms are Back in Flavour”


July 2015 – West Fork, Summer 2015 Edition

“The Sweet Business of Making Chocolate”

WestFork_Summer15_Chocolate1 WestFork_Summer15_Chocolate2

July 2015 – West Fork, Summer 2015 Edition

“Spotlight on Dunmanway, The Foodiest Place You’ve Never Been”


July 2015 – West Fork, Summer 2015 Edition

“Grow It, Cook It, Eat It in Dunmanway”


July 2015 – West Fork, Summer 2015 Edition

“A Salad Garden for Beginners”

WestFork_Summer15_Salad1 WestFork_Summer15_Salad2

July 2015 – The Opinion

“Top Class Service, Home Made Everything & The Only Butchers Shop with a Vegan Accountant”

July2015 The Opinion


July 2015 – Clonakilty Living Magazine, Issue 1

“Make it Local, Make it Fresh”

CL_IzaakBradley CL_IzaakBradley_pg2

July 2015 – Clonakilty Living Magazine, Issue 1

“Of Plates, Poems & Bitter Vegetables”


July 2015 – Clonakilty Living Magazine, Issue 1

“Bigger Fish to Fry”


July 2015 – Clonakilty Living Magazine, Issue 1

“The West Cork Plate – Breakfast”



June 2015 – Irish Examiner Q&A and Recipe  

“Raise your glass to the fine art of dining”


April 2015 – Southern Star – Tour Launch Party

“Clonakilty is first town on new food trail”

Southern Star_Launch







April 2015 – West Cork People – The  Walking Clonakilty Food Tour

“New food tour gives a real flavour of Clonakilty and West Cork”

WCP Advertorial_tour

March 2015 – West Cork People – Supper Club

“ Supper Club has a new home at the Emmet Hotel”

WCP Advertorial_supperclub

February – May 2015 – The Opinion – Monthly Column

Articles 2

Opinion Articles1

November 2014 – West Fork 2014 Christmas Edition

“Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well”

West Fork December 2014_Page_1  West Fork December 2014_Page_2

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