Ever wanted to come to one of our Supper Clubs but are not sure what to expect?  Well, have a read of these testimonials below and see if they can’t persuade you to change your mind….!

Private Catering Event for “Healthy, Wealthy Woman Retreat” hosted by Sarah Leather at Dunowen House

I was asked by Sarah to provide a feast for the final night of this retreat.  We decided upon an Indian Feast that was heavy on veggies and flavours from spices; light on meat and fats and opting for a vegan and paleo dessert that would also still feel luxurious and decadent just like a good pud should be!  All the diners enjoyed their feast immensely; with one lady in particular providing this wonderful testimonial.  Many thanks Mary O’Connell for your lovely words x

“I’d mentioned to you Kate that the saddest thing about the Indian Feast on Saturday evening was knowing that I’d wake up and never know when I could enjoy such exquisite and authentic Indian food again, then took home my left overs and finished them for breakfast with eggs this morning, amazing once again.  I hope that you will be able to find the time to share these fantastic recipes so that I may be able to try a few of them, and enjoy them once again.

It was more than the icing on the cake to have such an Indian Feast as part of the weekend, and we’ll never forget the resounding gong like sound emanating from the dinner table, oh God, round and round, as we finished off the delicious feast with the spiced exotic fruit salad and coconut and lime whipped cream, phenomenal.”

Speed Dating for Food Lovers

Out of 20 Diners, all rated the Quality of the Food, Venue and Event as Very Good (95%) or Good (5%).  Typical comments from some of our diners…

“The event overall exceeded my expectations.  Lovely.”

“Good fun, nice way to meet people, thank you!”

“Excellent. Perfect. Really fun. I would definitely recommend to a friend.”

“Great recipe!  Do it again!”

“Very well run and great initiative.”

“Great night – have more soon!”

“Fabulous evening! Great idea!”

“Food was excellent – enjoyed every course!!  The venue was really atmospheric – an excellent night!”

“You need to get a louder bell – we were too busy talking to hear ya!”

“Great evening – highly recommended!”

Mairi Stone

“Had a fantastic evening last Saturday at Kate Ryan’s of flavour.ie’s Supper Club. Amazing food and wonderful company. Check out her page!! Thoroughly recommended.”

Alison & Brian Wickham

“Thank you Kate for a wonderful evening. It takes real talent to be able to warmly welcome guests, prepare and deliver a delicious 5 course gourmet meal, promote all the great food producers who contributed to the meal, create a warm relaxed ambiance that stimulates conversation amongst the guests in your comfortable and attractive home, remain calm and unflappable and send everyone home with the recipes! Your right hand man was wonderful too. Brian and I highly recommend your Supper Club!”

Kerrie O’Driscoll

“Great Supper Club Evening Kate – really enjoyed your feast of Rhubarb inspired dishes last night. From the bellini right down to the layer cake – it was delicious! I’m seeing rhubarb (vegetable not a fruit) in a whole new light. So many flavours and some new ones too in each course-all of them worked and complemented each other so Well Done on putting all that together-it really worked. Congrats it was a fantastic evening and I can’t wait for the next one.”

Charlie McPeake

“My wife and I had a wonderful evening at this Supper Club event hosted by the fabulous Kate. The food, the company and the craic were outrageously good. All I can say is, “You have to go to one of these”. I’ve passed through Ballygurteen several times and never knew that such a gem was hidden away, just like a lot of our local food producers who Kate is bringing to our attention and taste buds. For a fantastic evening, get along. We’ll be back.”

Noreen Crowley

Re Chocolate Supper Club “Thanks for a great evening, loved the Venison Agrodolce with Chocolate and Iced Mousse especially.  A fun and informed evening, and a new appreciation for chocolate!”

Re My Big Fat Greek Dinner Party “Kate & Jason, thanks for an amazing feast last night, I wanted to eat more but I couldn’t fit it in!  I have been to Cyprus moons ago but not Greece and had forgotten how much I enjoyed the food until last night.  I will be trying the recipes, the lamb, fish, tartlet…too many things to mention, loved it all thanks so much!”

Alison Moriarty

“I’m so glad pyjamas have elastic waists. Ahhhh really lovely night with lovely people and nothing short of epic foods. Now let the food coma kick in..!”

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