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Food Writer

For me, food is about storytelling: a story about tradition and skill; history and legacy; community and individuals. So, when I write about food, I write about the farm to fork journey and the people who produce wonderful things for us to eat and drink.Read more

Food Adventures

What is Irish Food? Join us on one of our Food Adventures, a food tour, pop up event or workshop, and we will open a window on real Irish food culture with enjoyable and engaging food experiences.Read more

The Flavour Files

I started The Flavour Files in 2012 and have added recipes celebrating our wonderful Irish produce ever since. My recipes show great produce is as much at home on our kitchen tables as on a restaurant menu. It’s not just recipes though – there is news, reviews & other writing too!Read more

The Flavour Files


*MEGA-POST* Xmas Gift Guide 2021

Need some helpful advice on what foodie gifts are out there this year? Check this out! More will be added regularly so visit often for an ogle! Every year, I’m asked to compile a few Christmas Gift Guides for the various publications I write for, but I am always pressed for space and although I […] Read more


Black Pudding Truffles

Rich Black Pudding combined with Irish Black Butter was a mad experiment that turned out delicious. Good for snaffling down with a glass of festive porter. A proper canape! Irish Black Butter isn’t butter at all, but an old Irish tradition that goes back hundreds of years to a time when Armagh was known as […] Read more


We need to talk more about menstruation...period

In a departure from food, I decided there was another point of view about the ASAI banning THAT Tampax ad… This article was published in The Echo – read it online here. Have you heard of Michelle Wolf? She’s a US comedian who has a skit about periods that is probably one of the best […] Read more

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