Ethics take ethics and integrity seriously.  Everything that we do is transparent.  We are not in the business of misleading all of followers, fans, readers and supporters because we know that without you, we are nothing!

To that end, we will always indicate on any posts if we have received payment; goods, products or services to which any blog post relates.  If we haven’t noted it anywhere, it’s because we have done everything off our own backs.

All recipes that are listed in The Flavour Files are original recipes unless it is noted otherwise or where I have stated within the post that it is modified.

All content in the website, including but not limited to, blog posts; photographs; the Supper Club concept and logo; videos; The Walking Food Tour of Clonakilty and so on are all original ideas and content created by and all IP in relation to the same is owned by  This right is extended to the Social Media platforms that include, but are not limited to, Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Pinterest: YouTube; Periscope and Snapchat.

All content is free to share, but we ask that you attribute all shares and reposts, inclusions and mentions to as the owners of the material used.

Now that the serious stuff is over, we can get on with having fun!

Thank you and…ENJOY!

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