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As approaches it’s 10th anniversary, it’s time to make a change! 

Up until now, The Flavour Files has largely been about recipe writing, and this will continue because I enjoy creating and sharing new recipes with you. But I am also interested in publishing work that is a deeper dive into the world of food and food culture.

Inspired by my time studying for the Postgraduate Diploma in Irish Food Culture at UCC, I was struck by the gap between the writings of academics, non-academic food writers, and you the reader. There is more to food writing than recipes, restaurant reviews, and lists of great places to eat. I enjoy those, but I also want to go further and deeper and write more freely.

By sponsoring Long Form Blog Writing on, you will help to support me in doing just that. Your support will mean I can take time to research and write interesting deep dive pieces that are free to access. I have mixed feelings about Paywalls, but your creative support via Ko-fi will help to keep all my writing on paywall free!

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