Pure Delight on the Pembrokeshire COAST

Recently, I found myself reading the August edition of Olive Magazine (favourite food publication!) and coming across an small article on “Pembrokeshire….The Foodiest Place You’ve Never Been”. It mentioned a number of spots to put on one’s foodie To Do list, but it was especially glowing about a newly opened restaurant in Saundersfoot called Coast (http://coastsaundersfoot.co.uk).

At the exact same time, I was organising a surprise 60th shindig for my mum also in Saundersfoot and was on the lookout for a lovely restaurant for a family meal the night before the main event.  I am a true believer in serendipity as rarely do things match up perfectly, but our trip to Saundersfoot along the pretty Pembrokeshire coast seemed to do just that with this restaurant.  I checked out their website and looked at their current seasonal evening menu and was instantly sold.  With an online booking tool on the website as well, within a matter of moments a table of 4 at 7pm on a Friday night was booked.  I admit, I was looking forward to this part of the trip immensly!

So we were splashing out a bit that weekend anyway (it’s my mum – she’s totally worth it!) and we were staying at the also wonderful St Bride’s Hotel and Spa in Saundersfoot.  A £3 taxi fare got us door to door and as we exited the taxi the restaurant was looking magnificent in the mid-August evening sunshine.


Greeted by a young, enthusiastic, polite and yes, ridiculously good looking waiting staff we were asked if we wanted to have an aperitif on the deck in the evening sunshine.  “When in Rome / Saudersfoot…” I thought, so we did.  I knew this was going to be a good meal when my requested Moscow Mule came out.  I always think the sign of a well made cocktail is that you can’t really taste the alcohol, but all the other senses in your body tell you otherwise.  Wow….probably the best Mule I’ve had, ever.  Smooth, zingy, and zesty and powerful – how much vodka was in it – didn’t care then, don’t care now!  We ordered a bottle of Signé Vigneron, Fleurie, Domaine des Grands Cedres 31, 2011 vintage Beaujolais described as a “Beaujolais of real character” at £31 a bottle.  We asked if it could be opened then and left on the table to breathe.  The waitress didn’t recoil in horror and seemed to get what we asking for, so this wasn’t a problem!

Onto starters: I ordered the Pork Rillettes with Raisin, Apple and Hazelnut Salad; Hubby ordered the Pickled Crab, Mango, Wasabi Yoghurt and Coriander.  The parents declined.  Having gorged themselves on warm scones with clotted cream and enough tea to sink the titanic only a couple of hours earlier, they were saving themselves for the main event and, for my mum, nothing was getting in the way of her having a desert!

The hubby was silent throughout his starter and didn’t share whereas I was much more enthusiastic shoving pork rillettes into peoples mouths.  Afterwards, Hubby revealed that it was “hands down, the best most freshest, tastiest crab I have ever eaten”.  And he eats a lot of crab.  Happy out.  Good cocktails and great food so far.

Onto mains:  I ordered the John Dory, Fennel Confit, Capers and Spice of Angels (oh yes!); Hubby had the Grilled Half Lobster with Herb Butter and Cajun Potatoes and both the parents opted for the 28 Day Dry Aged Welsh Sirloin with Peppercorn Sauce, Onion Rings and Triple Cooked Chips,  I also ordered a side of the buttered greens.

CoastJohnDory CoastHalfLobster

Hang on, we’ve clearly all died and gone to heaven.  Hubby declares he “loves food that comes with tools”, Dad takes one bite of the steak and prepares to polish off the chips first because he always leaves the best part of the meal until last, and Mum is making some discerning noises concerning her steak that make me feel more than a little uncomfortable.

And the wine was poured.  I swill, I admire the legs on it, I sniff and admire the bouquet and finally I sip drawing in oxygen as I do.  Yes, I am a wine nerd!  As I rapturously declare that I can taste syrupy strawberries and deep black cherry with a hint of black pepper, Dad laughs, sips the wine himself and then declares I am absolutely right althought he’s “not to sure about the black pepper bit sweetheart”.

Best food ever for a restuarant of this standard.  All around the table everyone is in agreement and we can’t get enough of the wine although for me the vodka and red wine mix is starting to play a little havoc with the overly designed cutlery and crockery as nothing seems to want to behave itself or stay on the table!  Yummm….what’s next?

For desert: I ordered the Vanilla Créme Bruleé with Shortbread and Strawberries; Hubby had a selection of Welsh Cheeses with Caraway Seed Biscuits and a Tomato Relish.  Mum had the Dark Chocolate Torte with Cherries, Lemon Curd and Ameretti Biscuits.  Dad had tea.  Can’t go wrong with a well made creme brulee – any custard based pudding is an instant hit with me!  Hubby seemed to enjoy his cheese and Mum…well Mum was eating chocolate and no-one is happier when that is happening!

And all of this while we had the most amazing views of the stunning Saundersfoot bay, watching the sun go down and enjoying great company, great chat with lovely service in a beautifully put together restuarant.  We are still talking about the food now, and I suspect we will for some time.  Bravo to the Chef – Coast Restaurant is an absolutely Must Eat and should not be missed.  We will be returning.  Thank You!


Cost wise: not bad really, including apertifs, 2 x 3 courses, 1 x 2 course and 1 x 1 course, a bottle of wine and tea and coffee afterwards: aproximately £50 per head.


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