Black Forest Gateaux

This recipe is part of my “Tea with Granny” blog post on my Flavour Favourites blog. I’d love it if you could give that post a read as well please – thank you!

I cannot take an ounce of responsibility for the Black Forest Gateaux recipe that lead to me making one of the nicest cakes I’ve made in a long, long time!  I researched a few and this one struck me as the most luxurious yet with a lovely easy method to make it.

I only made a couple of changes to suit what I had available to me in my Booze Cupboard (i.e. I swapped Kirsch for Cherry Brandy and to be honest, it was just as lovely).  I also only made two tiers and not three – personally I am not sure how the three tiered cake shown in the picture of the original recipe page defies gravity.  Unless you are an expert in laying bricks or some such method of construction, I would stick with two to be confident it stays upright!  Point to note, if making a two tiered cake, each tier will be apx 600ml of cake batter for each – something they don’t tell you in this recipe!  Other than that, all I can say is that it is a full proof recipe!  Cherry jam can be quite difficult to get hold of in Ireland, but you might get lucky if you have a Northern African / Mediteranean speciality store close to where you live.  Cherry Jam is ubiquitous in Turkey from where I normally smuggle back a jar or two, or you may get lucky in the bargain bins of supermarkets selling it off cheap as the main time to find it for sale in supermarkets is around Christmas time.  And if you can find one, like I did, infused with brandy then you are really in indulgent territory!

If none of that works, check back soon to the Recipe blog where I will be putting up a recipe to make your very own homemade Cherry Jam soon!

I shared, begrudgingly it has to be said, slices of this cake with friends who have told me hands down that this was the best BFG they have ever tasted ever, including BFG they have had in Germany itself.  I guess my execution of the cake was a great success – but I cannot take credit for the recipe!

Black Forest Gateaux Recipe Link

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