Homemade Slider Burgers

There really is no comparison: a homemade burger versus a shop bought machine manufacturerd one…it’s an easy choice! And when they are made by you, the flavour combinations are endless! Whether it’s adding in some spice, some BBQ sauce or some blue cheese, you can make your burger to suit your very own pallet!

Despite the fab weather we have been having, Ryan HQ decided to host a BBQ party on a rainy evening this weekend. Yes, indeed! The BBQ and the Cook were troupers and delivered up loads of tasty grub, including these lovely burgers! I would suggest using the recipe below as a good burger flavour base. After that, you could split your mixture into smaller amounts and flavour each one differently depending on your mood, or keep it as is in case your BBQ guests prefer an altogether unadulterated burger taste experience! Using fresh minced beef means as well that if you have any left over burgers that don’t make it to the BBQ, they can be wrapped in parchment paper and popped into your deep freeze until the next time! The Harissa spice powder adds much needed depth of flavour that won’t overpower the taste buds. Make them the night before for best flavour results as the ingredients mingle and meld together to produce a tasty, juicy burger!

Ingredients (makes apx 20 smaller “slider” type burgers):
1.6kg of good quality minced beef
1 large red onion
4 large pickled gherkins
A large handful of parsley
A small(ish) handful of breadcrumbs
A good amount of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 tblsp of Harissa powder (I used Spice-n-Tice brand).
1 egg (to help bind the mixture together)
In a large bowl, big enough to mix up all the ingredients, pop in the minced beef.
In a mini food processor, chop up finely the red onion, gherkin and parsley.
Add to the minced beef.
Add in the breadcrumbs (how much you will need is entirely up to you, they are a bulking agent though, so I wouldn’t go mad with the quantity).
Add in a generous amount of salt and pepper given the quantity of meat and add in the Harissa powder.
Mix together with your hands thoroughly (this is by far THE best mixing method!)
When thoroughly mixed together, crack in the egg, break the yolk with your hands and mix through thoroughly again until everything is fully combined.
Place in the fridge covered with cling film for at least 1 hour for everything to firm up.
When read, take a small handful about half the size of a tennis ball, and pat together and shape into a small burger pattie about the size of the palm of your hand (smaller of course if you have massive hands!).
Either cook immediately, or recover and place in the fridge until ready to cook on the BBQ.
As you cook them, they will shrink in size thus making the perfect little slider burger!
Cook until hot all the way through – they can still be pink in the middle if that’s how you like your beef, as long as they are hot in the middle!
Serve with a fresh mini-bun, French’s classic squeezy mustard and red sauce, some fresh salad leaves and a slice of edam cheese.

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