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I'm appearing on the airways a little more these days, so I thought it a good idea to collate them all here in this evergreen category for The Flavour Files!

I’m appearing on the airways a little more these days, so I thought it a good idea to collate them all here in this evergreen category for The Flavour Files!

PodBLASt – Christmas Edition 2023

Fallon Moore of Blas na hEireann asked me to share my most cherished memories of Christmases past, which festive food traditions I have brought with me from the UK and which I have adapted and adopted from my home here in Ireland.

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share some very personal memories from childhood; of special times spent with my Gran, Grandad, Mum and Dad, and how I carry those with me whenever I host Christmas for my family now.

Listen to in full HERE on Sound Cloud.

Blas Backyard 2023 – Better Together

This discussion took place on Friday 29th September 2023 at The Blas Backyard, kindly supported by Bank of Ireland, and part of the Blas na hÉireann 2023 Irish Food Awards.

As the 2023 Irish Food Producers’ Champion, I was invited to be in conversation with food writer and broadcaster Caroline Hennessy on this years awards’ theme of Better Together. This conversation was broadcast live, and is available for reply via the Blas na hEireann Blas Backyard YouTube Channel. Watch it HERE: https://youtu.be/GIzecHTwrKc?si=9koMMXIUd0p9F35d

Pic by Blas na hEireann.

Thanks so much for the chance to share my thoughts and insights into a favourite topic of mine!

Best Possible Taste Podcast

Published 9th May 2023

Kate Ryan, 2023 Blas na hÉireann Producers’ Champion

Listen here: https://sharonnoonan.com/2023/05/11/9-may-2023-kate-ryan-2023-blas-na-heireann-producers-champion/

In this Best Possible Taste interview, Sharon Noonan talks to Kate Ryan, founder of Flavour.ie, to congratulate her on being named the 2023 Blas na hÉireann Producers’ Champion and to find out more about Kate’s amazing journey from Bristol to West Cork and how she took the plunge and gave up her safe, pensionable job to pursue her passion.

Pic by Joleen Cronin

P.S. The Best Possible Taste is celebrating 10 years on the airwaves in 2023!

Dave Mac’s Local LegendsRedFM

Published 9th May 2023


Listen here: https://redfm.ie/podcast/kate-ryan-chats-about-what-its-like-to-be-blas-na-heireann-producers-champion-2023/?pod_id=145646

Kate who is originally from Bristol but moved to Cork in 2005 because of love, is a Food writer and founder of Flavour.ie.
She is also Blas Na hEireann Producers Champion 2023.
This is awarded to those who support the best in Irish Independently produced Food.
Flavour.ie was originally set up as a food blog aimed at supporting local food producers, following this she went on to write for the Echo and Examiner while continuing to support local Chefs, Farmers and Growers any way she could.

NeighbourFood Podcast

Published 30th May 2022

Black Pudding, the story of Irish cuisine told through this ordinary and extraordinary food, with food writer Kate Ryan of flavour.ie

Listen here: https://shows.acast.com/the-neighbourfood-podcast/episodes/blackpudding-kateryan

Black pudding, blood sausage, and for Irish and UK listeners this food will need no introduction. Loved on breakfast plates across the country, did you know that Black Pudding tells the story of modern Irish cuisine through its ingredients, history, recipe hand me downs and much more?

We speak to food writer, Kate Ryan of flavour.ie who recently penned the article “The Aleph: The Story of Irish Food in One Pudding”. It is based on her studies in Irish Food Culture Post Graduate Course at University College Cork, where Kate did a research paper on the topic.

We got stuck into the medieval process of making black pudding and how it’s done today. We learned about the exchange of recipes and meitheal of preparing food in the community. We talked about the history of this quintessentially Irish ingredient of fresh blood (now Protected Geographical Indication Recognised in parts of Ireland) and the ingenuity that is shown by butchers around the country in their preparation of pudding today. We then tested and compared three different black puddings, local to Kate’s hometown of Clonakilty. They were Rosscarberry Recipes, Clonakilty Black Pudding and Haulie O’Neil of MJ O Neils Artisan Butcher Shop in Clonakilty. She gave us some tips on to cook pudding at home and eat it at times, other than breakfast… who knew?!?!? 

Kate Ryan is a food writer and founder of Flavour.ie dedicated to championing Irish Food through writing and food adventures. Follow her on instagram ( @flavour.ie ) or facebook ( @flavourwestcork )

OpinionLine – 96FM

13th February 2024: Alternative Food Dates

PJ gets some ideas from Kate Ryan of Flavour.ie for some alternative date nights for Valentine’s.

18th July 2023: Let’s Have Food Adventures This Summer

PJ talks to Kate Ryan of Flavour.ie who have some great ideas for the tastebuds this summer.

24th November 2023: Xmas Tips from Kate Ryan of Flavour.ie

PJ gets handy last minute tips from Kate.

22nd December 2022: Xmas Tips from Kate Ryan of Flavour.ie

PJ gets handy last minute tips from Kate Ryan of Flavour.ie.

21st April 2022: Foraging For Food, How Do I Learn What’s Safe?

PJ talks to Kate Ryan of flavour.ie about the best ways to learn including guided walks and trails.

15th December 2021: Make Your Own Eats for Gifts

The greenest gift is also the one that shows you care, Kate Ryan of flavour.ie has edible gift ideas for PJ to make!

29th October 2021: Hallowe’en Food

I talk to PJ about rituals of Hallowe’en food.

26th July 2021: Becoming an Irish Citizen Was An Easy Decision

Kate from @flavour.ie explains how it feels to become an Irish Citizen after living in Cork for 16 years.

Best Possible Taste Podcast, from Sharon Noonan

21st June 2022: Best Possible Taste

I talk to Sharon Noonan about the best Food Tours to take in West Cork this summer! The accompanying blog post can be found here.

5th April 2022: Best Possible Taste

I talk to Sharon Noonan about the winners of the the 2022 Irish Food Writers’ Guild Awards.

21st December 2017: Best Possible Taste

I’m among the guests this week talking to Sharon about great festive gift ideas!

2nd August 2017: Best Possible Taste

I extol the virtues of the West Cork culinary scene following the publication of my Artisan Food Guide.

Anna Healy Coaching – West Cork Women in Business Podcast

13th May 2020: For the Love of Food

An interview with Kate Ryan

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