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We are working on changing things up...

We are working on changing things up…

The past couple of tumultuous years of Covid restrictions has afforded time to step back, reassess, and create space to reimagine our Food Adventures offering. So, for now, while we take time to reshape the kinds of food adventures we want to create, unfortunately the following are no longer available from 2022:

  • The Clonakilty Walking Food Tour
  • Supper Clubs and Pop Ups
  • Private Tours
  • Workshops

The travel and hospitality industries are experiencing a huge shift at the moment and, despite there being appetite for unique food experiences, for these remain unviable while staff shortages and increasing costs make logistics ever more difficult.

My goal has always to be to offer bespoke and unique food adventures and experiences, partnering with exciting venues, chefs, and food creatives for immersive, entertaining, and educational events, dining experiences, tours and workshops.

We will return in due course, when the time is right, and when we can confidently ensure that our trademark unique experiences can be delivered with the same exceptional value for money and personal touch as they used to before.

Many thanks for your patience, and for your interest in what we do.

For now, Kate Ryan, founder of, will be focusing on food writing. Check out The Flavour Files or view recently published articles via LinkTree.

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