Food Adventures wants to bring you closer to the producers.  You might remember a tasty meal for a while, but you’ll never forget meeting the people behind the produce on your plate

Artisan producers are characterful people who work very hard for the reward of producing something unique in their own individual way.  When you meet the producers, you are introduced to the origins of their business; where the idea for their bread, cheese, meats, chocolate came from; what drives their business and their passion to be a success story for the world, and you, to enjoy. 1 Food Adventures offers a variety of events including Guided Food ToursWorkshops and Dining Events to bring you a fun, informative and tasty experience that you will never forget.

Here at we believe that food and eating is a social experience that creates the perfect environment to make new friends and memories.  Whether you are a West Cork local or an intrepid tourist from foreign shores, let take you on a Food Adventure of your own – who knows what you will discover, who you will meet and the new memories you will make!

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