Tea with Granny

Back in mid-December, I lost my Granny.  Not as in "Where did we leave Granny" but rather as in "Gone Forever Granny".  Just over two months on, and I'm still very much processing the fact that I'll never see her again.

A Full House at Dunowen for Supper

The 17th December 2014 will be one of those “remember where you were dates” that will stay with me for many, many years to come. For my talented friend, Diana Dodog, it marked the beginning of a period of time at the end of an amazing year for her which saw her win Irish Masterchef 2014, launch her amazing Food Truck gourmet food experience in West Cork (http://www.fooddepotireland.com), and culminating in a wonderful supper club experience to remember; being listed in McKenna’s Guide for 2015 and being listed as one of the Top 10 Hot Chefs to watch in 2015 by the same magnanamous duo! Phew!

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Warm Welcomes and Great Food at Blairs Cove House and Restaurant

About three years ago, my husband booked a table at Blairs Cove Restaurant as a surprise for my birthday. As far as meals go, I chalk it down as one of my favourites ever. As far as memories go, I’ve been wanting to go back and experience it all over again.

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A Taste of West Cork Food Festival 2014

Every year, the Taste of West Cork Food Festival welcomes visitors of all foodie dispositions and from all over the world to the region in a flagrant display of showing off! What would steal the show? The scenery; the beautiful weather, the abundance of food producers (many of whom are award winning) or the vast array of restaurants, bistro’s, cafe’s and bars all doing their bit to take hold of all the amazing produce around them and turn it into delicious tasty morsels for us to savour? In short, it is all of this!

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My Electric Picnic Food!

What a great festival it was this year! I spent most of my time literally running between gigs, food tastings and learning new things in the Theatre of Food! Electric Picnic smells as good as the line up looks, and barring just two disappointments, the food was great again this year. I was live tweeting my favourite foodie eats during the festival as @FlavourIE and the feedback from my posts was great.

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The Food Truck Revolution Comes to Clonakilty – Food Depot Gourmet Street Kitchen

We are spoilt for choice here in West Cork on great places to eat. With such amazing produce and food producers on our doorstep, any place that offers up locally sourced ingredients to the discerning palates of the good people of West Cork might struggle to peek our interest and that all the good ideas of how to keep us well fed have been thought of.

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Pure Delight on the Pembrokeshire COAST

Recently, I found myself reading the August edition of Olive Magazine (favourite food publication!) and coming across an small article on “Pembrokeshire….The Foodiest Place You’ve Never Been”. It mentioned a number of spots to put on one’s foodie To Do list, but it was especially glowing about a newly opened restaurant in Saundersfoot called Coast (http://coastsaundersfoot.co.uk).

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